Synantoo is a Collaborative VR+AI platform which fosters productivity and social interaction in total privacy while ensuring entreprise data security.

We provide Customer engagement and growth for optimal business profitability and efficiency with remote working, training, learning and show rooms.

Teleworkers work together with “in-office`` colleagues using seamless Virtual Reality in 2D and 3D with real avatars. Full office virtualization enhances corporate culture

Our Solutions

Virtual and secured Remote Working Platform for entreprise collaboration.


Msc. Computer Engineering Phd in Imaging
Mehdi Louizi

</p> <h5>Chief Executive Officer</h5> <p>15+ yrs in delivering successful software solutions<br /> Founder of Agence Inspire SAS in France/Tunisia/Canada

EMBA Trium NYU/LSE/HEC Msc. Technology Mgt EM Lyon Msc. Electronics Engineering ECE Paris
Laurent Chivallier

</p> <h5>Chief Business Officer</h5> <p>30 yrs of successful international experience in High Tech, Telco, Media in sales and marketing, Start-up Entrepreneur<br /> 10 years in Singapore

Design Studio Montpellier
Romain Alleger

</p> <h5>Chief Innovation Officer</h5> <p>XR Expert<br /> Start-up Entrepreneur<br /> 15+ yrs of experience in 3D/VR/AR innovations

Msc. Science-Po Paris
Laurent Déméné

</p> <h5>Advisor</h5> <p>Serial Entrepreneur<br /> 30yrs in digital technologies and services<br /> Sold Haiku SA Mobile Software in 2005